Tourist Guide Registration


We have received the following written confirmation, after meeting with the Director: Tourist Guiding, Department of Tourism, regarding the requirements for our members to comply to in order to transfer clients, or when providing extended tourism activities to clients:

“1. Professional Hunters who are merely picking up pax from the airports and transferring them to a particular hunting location are not considered tourist guides.
However, please advise those who are driving paying passengers to obtain a professional driver’s permit (PrDP).
In addition, every vehicle that is carrying paying passengers must have its own transportation permit and adhere to requirements prescribed in the transport legislation (National Land Transport Act).
Kindly contact the Department of Transport to enquire if this requirement is applicable to the Professional Hunters.

2. Professional Hunters who provide extended tourism activities such as guided tours at various attractions etc.
In such cases, Professional Hunters must complete the relevant guiding competencies (determined through CATHSSETA) and apply to the relevant Provincial Registrar to be registered as a tourist guide.

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