South Africa as a Hunting destination

South Africa is the premier hunting destination in Africa. It has an unrivalled diversity of species — more than 45 major plains game species and all of the Big Five may be hunted here. Endemic species include the vaal rhebok, black wildebeest, bontebok, blesbok, Cape mountain zebra, Cape bushbuck, Eastern Cape greater kudu and Cape grysbok. A large variety of game birds, some presenting very challenging shooting, are on licence with generous bag limits.

Ours is the only African country that borders both the cold South Atlantic Ocean and the warm Indian Ocean. This, together with a varied topography, contributes to an astonishing variety of natural environments. The arid Karoo and Kalahari, the unique Cape fynbos region, the coastal forests along our eastern seaboard, the snow-capped Drakensberg and Eastern Cape mountains, the central grasslands, and the magnificent bushveld and savannah areas in the eastern and northern parts of the country all offer unique and captivating experiences.

There is a misperception that all hunting in South Africa takes place on small, ‘high-fenced’ properties. This could not be further from the truth! Concession sizes are, in fact, on the increase. Successful landowners are purchasing more property to add to their existing properties, especially in marginal agricultural areas. Landowners are forming conservancies and are dropping fences between their properties. Communities are buying into the concept of conservation through sustainable utilisation and are opening their large tracts of land to trophy hunting.

A number of provincial nature reserves offer hunting in large, unfenced areas with free-ranging game populations. The dangerous game-hunting in some of these reserves is of the finest on offer in Africa today. In certain parts of the country, a significant portion of hunting takes place on unfenced private land that is home to free-ranging game populations.

South Africa has so much to offer and every foreign hunter, regardless of their specific requirements or preferences, will find a suitable hunting destination in our country to meet their needs.

Travelling to and in South Africa is easy. There are daily, direct international flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town. There is an extensive network of domestic airports and a number of domestic airlines to choose from. Any enquiries about visa requirements may be directed to the PHASA office. World-class medical facilities are available in all major centres. Malaria is confined to the extreme north-eastern parts of the country (always discuss this with your doctor). South Africa is Ebola free.

In South Africa, we are spoilt for choice, when it comes to tourist attractions and activities for the whole family. Cape Town, our ‘Mother City’, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and home to Table Mountain, one of the seven Wonders of Nature. The magnificent wine regions of the Boland have a rich history and wine-making traditions going back more than 300 years.

South Africa has 21 national parks, including the famous Kruger National Park, and a large number of provincial parks, including the beautiful parks of KwaZulu-Natal, all with camps and lodges to suit everyone’s taste and budget.
We are proud of our eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Cradle of Humankind. The Garden Route, the historic battlefields, Johannesburg — the ‘City of Gold’ — and Soweto all offer exciting attractions. Enjoy excellent sport fishing, for both salt and freshwater species.

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South Africa is truly a world in one country!

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