Professional Hunter Status

Dear Member,

Please download the the application form to be completed for your ‘Professional Hunter’s Status” (Firearms Amendment Act 28 of 2006).

Download application for Professional Hunter Status

As an accredited Professional Hunters’ Association with SAPS, it is a legislator requirement for PHASA to have a dedicated procedure in place in order to award PH status to members in good standing.

It is therefore of the utmost importance for you to submit to us the completed application form, together with a copy of your current professional hunters’ licence(s) and ID. We will pay immediate attention to the evaluation of the application and if successful, issue you with the Section 16A certificate and solemn declaration.

Furthermore, PHASA must also submit an annual report to the Central Firearms Registrar to confirm that members awarded with PH status, are still members in good standing.

I therefore want to stress the importance of your support with the necessary annual feedback, which will allow PHASA to confirm your status as a member in good standing in our annual reports to the CFR at the end of the year.  I will include more information regarding this together with your certificate.

In terms of Section 16A of the Act, a firearm in respect of which a licence may be issued, is any –

(a)    Handgun which is not fully automatic;

(b)   Rifle or shotgun which is not fully automatic; or

(c)    Barrel, frame or receiver of a handgun, rifle or shotgun contemplated in paragraph (a) and (b).

The Registrar may issue a licence in terms of this section to any natural person who is a professional hunter, if the application is accompanied by a sworn statement or solemn declaration from the chairperson of an accredited professional hunting association, or someone delegated in writing by him or her, stating that the applicant is a professional hunter and registered member of that association.

A firearm in respect of which a licence has been issued in terms of this section may be used by the professional hunter for his or her private use and professional hunting purposes, where it is safe to use the firearm and for a lawful purpose.

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices, should you have any further queries.


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