Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Is it legal to open an Agency in SA to market hunts in SA for overseas clients?

The law does not directly refer to "Booking Agents" and their role. It does however give a clear answer to the question by implication. It states what only a Hunting Outfitter may do and what only a PH may do, and thus eliminates these activities from any other person who does not have a permit to operate as such.
The answer to your question as stated and outlined by you is:
Anybody may act as an Booking Agent for any Hunting outfitter.
There is no restriction on where such Booking Agent must live.
In terms of policy accepted by Nature Conservation, the Booking Agent and the Hunting Outfitter must enter into a written agreement which determines the conditions etc. A further condition that must be stipulated in such agreement, is that the Booking Agent must expose in their advertising whom the Hunting Outfitters are that they may be representing.
Such information must also be available on demand when asked by a South African Law Enforcement Official.
When a Booking Agent has their name as " xyz SAFARIS", this may create some confusion as to what they actually do. We would recommend to look at the option of including "booking agent, or consultants etc." to your booking agency name, and thus eliminating all possible confusion.