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A new PHASA medal system will be introduced soon – watch this space!

Overseas and local clients that hunt with PHASA members have the opportunity to enter their trophies for PHASA Medals and Certificates.

Scoring Information

  1. Use SCI methods of measurement for the PHASA Trophy Medal Scoring System.
  2. All measurements are “Green” measurements without drying period except for White Rhinoceros horns which must be measured 30 days after  collection.
  3. All measurements in inches and fractions to the nearest 1/8 except for cat skulls which are measured to the nearest 1/16.
  4. The PHASA trophy medal measurements are not automatic entries into any record book.


  • Gold medal – 22 carat gold plated – $50
  • Silver medal – pure silver plated – $35
  • Bronze medal – bronze plated- $25

Each medal is accompanied by an attractive certificate which includes hunter’s name, trophy, score, place, date, and name of professional hunter and outfitter.

Sample set

Sample sets of medals and certificates are available to members for R200.00 to have on hand to promote to clients.


Order forms and payment options are available from the PHASA office: CONTACT or access the score sheet and order form here.  Visa and Master credit cards are accepted at the PHASA office.

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