PHASA as a Professional Body

In 2014, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) approved the recognition of PHASA as a professional body for the purposes of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Act of 2008 (Act 67 of 2008).


Concise Guide to Obtain the Professional Hunter Designation from PHASA

Important Notes to Interested Parties and Readers:
• PHASA is the sole Professional Body allowed in terms of SAQA rules, to award the Professional Hunter Designation to a competent individual;
• The Professional Hunter Designation is registered with SAQA by PHASA;
• Aspiring Professional Hunter Designation Holders are encouraged to contact PHASA for more guidance and information regarding the Professional Hunter Designation Pathway, the Designation’s benefits and relevant information;
• This Designation is relevant for all active Professional Hunters, PHASA members, aspiring professionals and hunting sector stakeholders and beneficial in view of topical know-how;
• PHASA is committed to and pro-actively works towards promoting the Professional Hunter Designation as proof of relevant Professional Occupational Expertise accessible and available for all interested parties active in the Hunting Sector who believe in their relevant competency whilst encouraging specific support for uptake within the existing and experienced Professional Hunters fraternity (according to the Provincial Nature Conservation Authorities) as well as through PHASA’s Inclusivity Initiative; and
• PHASA is further committed to being a Responsible Corporate Citizen and to lead, support and enable the Professional Hunting Sector to promote the same. PHASA considers Professional Designations, Experiential Learning, RPL, CPD and NQF Qualifications as valuable tools that will drive sustainable development and resource utilisation for the benefit of the Professional Hunting Sector, the wildlife sector and the South African Economy.

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