PDP Driver’s licence


  • PHASA does not assist with PdP licences – please contact your nearest traffic department for updated instructions

(Section 32) Regulations 115 – 127

Instruction:A professional driving permit is valid for 24 months. Professional driving permits are generally referred to as Prdp’s. The categories of drivers that need professional driving permits are listed in regulations 115 (1). Take note that categories listed in paragraphs (a) – (d) are related to the type of vehicle a driver is driving, and not the use of the vehicle.

Therefore, it does not matter what the vehicle are used for or whether a passenger vehicle has any passengers in it, the driver must have a professional driving permit. Paragraphs (e) – (g) are related to the use of the vehicle.

A person must apply at a driving licence testing centre for a professional driving permit. A medical certificate and a police record reflecting the criminal record of the applicant is required.

115. Certain drivers of certain vehicles to hold professional driving permit
(1) Subject to the provisions of sub-regulation (2), a professional driving permit shall be held by the driver of –
(a) a goods vehicle, the gross vehicle mass of which exceeds 3 500 kilograms;
(b) a breakdown vehicle;
(c) a bus
(d) a minibus –
(i) the gross vehicle mass of which exceeds 3 500 kilograms; or
(ii) which is designed or adapted for the conveyance of 12 or more persons, including the driver;
(e) a motor vehicle used for the conveyance of persons for reward;
(f) a motor vehicle of which the gross vehicle mass exceeds 3500 kilograms to which regulation s 273 to 283 apply as contemplated in regulation 274;
(g) a motor vehicle conveying 12 or more persons including the driver.

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