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Professional Hunter and Outfitter, Jaco Oosthuizen is a founder member of Game Trackers Africa which is currently the marketing agent for Ondjamba Safaris (South Africa), Pori Trackers of Africa (T) Ltd (Tanzania), East African Trophy Hunters (T) Ltd (Tanzania), Ndumo Safaris (Namibia and Cameroon.  Both Game Trackers Africa and Ondjamba Safaris are owned and operated under the professional guidance of Jaco himself.  Collectively, we offer you many years of experience throughout Africa.  Our experience of the bush and unlimited knowledge of animal behavior both dangerous and plains game is a guarantee of your safety and hunting satisfaction.  With a vast experience of hunting, both as enthusiasts and as professionals, we will ensure that you will enjoy a most unforgettable safari, taking you right in to the heart of Africa!

We pride ourselves in:
•    Exceptional trophy quality and success rate
•    Africa’s premier hunting areas are hunted by us
•    Most fun filled hunts ever - Guaranteed the most memorable experience of your life
•    Committed to honesty, integrity and the pursuance of clients satisfaction at all times
•    We shall assist our clients all respects, undertake to share our knowledge of the African bush with all hunters, the fun of tracking matured trophy animals, stalking them and setting you up with a exciting adrenaline rushing shot.
•    We shall share in the enthusiasm of our clients and will do everything to make every safari a memorable, adrenaline pumping experience.  We shall strive to create lifelong friendships around heart warming campfires and to bring you all in touch with real the African Legacy!

Hunting 12 prime areas in Africa, offering 120 species!!!!
•    Tanzania - Masaailand next to Tarangire National Park, Selous, Kigosi, Rungwa & Muhese Game Reserves
•    Cameroon - Savanna & Forest
•    Namibia – Caprivi
•    South Africa - Eastern Cape & Zulu land

Owner/ Outfitter:  Jaco Oosthuizen
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2013, Still growing, with excellent concessions in what have been our main destinations since 1994, South Africa and Tanzania. Mozambique and Zimbabwe are still available on request with however limited quota available. We have recently added Cameroon to our portfolio, where we run all bookings for a concession in the Rain Forest and 2 concessions in the Savannah area. This allow us to offer from Bongo, Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo to Lord Derby Eland, Roan and savannah buffalo, not to forget elephant as well as lots of duikers and other antelopes.

I know your needs and expectations so well when it comes to African Hunting, that I have worked out various options covering the best of what South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique have to offer. Our meticulous planning and great ethic remain the same, only accommodation and hunting areas vary, dependent upon your desires and game requirements.

Today, we are proud to offer you the best of both worlds:
- Grand Safari USA is a US corporation where you can book and confirm your safari, and make payments directly into our Bank of America account.
- GRAND SAFARI is today a team of dedicated people in 3 countries, South Africa, Tanzania and Cameroon. A dynamic organization producing excellent results, taking care of all your needs in Africa during your safari.

We have you covered.

Christophe Beau
P.O. Box 2633, Beacon Bay 5205, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Tel: +27 43 748 6128
Fax: +27 43 748 2476
Skype: TH-RSA
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Areas: South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe & Mozambique