Executive Committee

Pieter Potgieter

2022 EXCO:

Pieter Potgieter (President), Barry York (Vice-President), Eardley Rudman (Vice-President), Ben Heystek (President-Elect), Dries van Coller, Richard Lemmer, Tony Du Bruyn, , Tienie Bamberger, Jono Joseph, Jess de Klerk

Download the 2021 PHASA President, Pieter Potgieter’s Report


Mission Statement

PHASA supports the conservation and ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources, for the benefit of current and future generations, through the promotion of legal hunting.

  • The Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) acknowledges that the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996) governs the conduct of all persons in the Republic of South Africa. The Association and its members undertake to comply with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and to apply Constitutional principles between itself and its members and between itself and third parties.
  • The Association is founded on the fundamental principle that legal hunting is an effective conservation tool and that legal hunting contributes to the conservation and management of wildlife and, sustainable use of wildlife. Legal hunting shall mean all types of hunting permissible by law.
  • The Association undertakes to support socio-economic transformation and skills development to previously disadvantaged individuals.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To promote and participate in the conservation of Africa’s natural resources with a focus on renewable resources;
  • To promote and protect hunting and the profession of “Professional Hunting” in South Africa;
  • To promote and facilitate sustainable, profitable and responsible hunting as a conservation tool that adds value to wildlife;
  • To promote lawful hunting;
  • To educate the public to the benefits of legal hunting as a management tool;
  • To engage with all Government structures for the purpose of creating reasonable and implementable legislation which supports and promotes hunting as a conservation tool and which preserves the national heritage of South Africa;
  • To transfer professional, managerial and hunting skills to individuals;
  • To regulate the professional hunting environment on a voluntary basis and, within it’s “Professional Body Status” as mandated;
  • To lobby for the conservation of wildlife through professional    hunting and hunting in general as conservation and management tools;
  • To promote the image of South Africa as a premier hunting destination;
  • To maintain its “Professional Body Status” to regulate and develop standards for Professional Hunters;
  • To promote the safe and lawful responsible handling of firearms and, to comply with it’s responsibilities in terms of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000) Sec 16(a), and the Firearms Control Regulations, 2004;
  • To develop fellowship and cooperation amongst hunters.

PHASA Code of Conduct

Each member of PHASA shall commit themselves, upon acceptance of membership, to this Code of Conduct whereby they:

  • Shall promote and observe the Aims and Objectives of PHASA, the provisions of the PHASA Constitution and its By-laws;
  • Shall obey the laws of any country in which they operate at any time in professional hunting or related activities;
  • Shall conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect honesty and integrity;
  • Shall respect the natural resources of the country in which they hunt;
  • Shall respect the rights and interests of property owners and local communities;
  • Shall not misrepresent themselves to clients or mislead clients in any way;Shall take every reasonable step to ensure that their clients receive the services contracted for, and to pursue their safety, comfort and satisfaction;
  • No member shall convey any statement about/regarding PHASA, to any person or media, in any form or method that is misleading or false.
  • Every Full-Member who is registered in terms of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000) Sec 16(a), shall submit to the PHASA Office, proof of their current and valid Professional Hunter Permit, no later than 31 December, of every calender year.
  • Every full member who receives the designation of “professional  hunter” from the professional body shall submit to the PHASA Office, proof of their current and valid professional hunter permit, no later than 31 December, of every calender year.

It is important to make sure that the professional hunter/hunting outfitter you are signing up with is a member of PHASA. In the event difficulties occur, there is very little assistance PHASA can provide if the professional hunter/hunting outfitter is not a PHASA member.

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