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Transiting With Firearms In Amsterdam, Netherlands

When passing through the Netherlands while carrying rifles, weapons or ammunition, it is mandatory to file a consent application form with the Dutch Customs Department.

Please access these links for the NEW Dutch Consent Application Forms needed for the permit:
Consent form
Consent form – annexure

Email the forms to the following email
We recommend that you follow the submission up by contacting their offices on Tel 0031 (0)88-1512122

PLEASE NOTE: On their new consent form there is  “VICE VERSA” fileld – If you check this filed you will get a permit for transitting both ways through Amsterdam.

    – Your personal passport / ID
    – A Fire arms license to show that you may carry the weapon(s) in your country
    – A flight schedule
    – The invitation of hunting or sport shooting from the land or company of destination
  • Make this application well in advance of your travel and also allow plenty of time for the application to be processed.

For further information or queries on transiting with firearms in the Netherlands, telephone the Dutch Customs Office at Groningen: 011-31-88-151-2122.

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