Affiliates, Forums & Memberships

PHASA is affiliated, either through membership or otherwise, to the following hunting and conservation organisations:

  • AGRED (African Gamebird Research Education and Development Trust)
  • BWMA (Botswana Wildlife Management Association)
  • Conservation Force
  • DSC (Dallas Safari Club)
  • ECGMA (Eastern Cape Game Management Association)
  • Houston Safari Club
  • Krieghoff
  • SAGA (South African Gunowners’ Association)
  • SATTA (South African Taxidermy & Tannery Association)
  • SCI (Safari Club International)
  • SSHA (Sub-Saharan Houndsmen Association)
  • WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)

PHASA is a member of TBCSA (the Tourism Business Council of SA). Through TBCSA, we meet with other tourism-based organisations and government at the highest level, at least three times a year, to discuss tourism-related issues.

PHASA serves on the following forums:

  • AWCF (the African Wildlife Consultative Forum) is a forum where government officials and representatives from professional hunting associations from various African countries discuss common wildlife conservation, management and policy issues
  • The Hunters Forum, comprised of hunting associations accredited in terms of the Firearms Control Act, serves as a caucus to identify and discuss firearm related issues. This forum meets four times a year.
  • HAWASA Forum (Hunting and Wildlife Associations of SA) is comprised of representatives of various sectors in the wildlife industry, including wildlife ranching, local hunting and professional hunting sectors. It serves as a caucus to prepare for the Wildlife Forum.
  • The Wildlife Forum is hosted by the Department of Environmental Affairs and is comprised of representatives from the wildlife industry, provincial nature conservation authorities and the national Department of Environmental Affairs. It has no decision-making powers, but proposals made at the forum are taken to government’s Working Group 1 for implementation. Various draft sets of provincial and national legislation have passed through this forum in recent years.
  • The IPPHC (Interprovincial Professional Hunters Committee) meets four times a year. PHASA, the directors of the professional hunting schools, and representatives from provincial nature conservation authorities and the national department meet at this committee to discuss issues regarding professional hunter training and the hunting industry, in general.
  • PHASA is a member of the Limpopo Tourism Forum.
  • PHASA serves on provincial nature conservation and wildlife forums in the Free State, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Northern Cape, North West Province and Western Cape.
  • PHASA is a member of the Western Cape Wildlife Forum, which investigates human-wildlife conflict and predator management on farms. PHASA also serves on the Damage Control Animal Forum.
  • National African Lion Task Team hosted by the Department of Environmental Affairs
  • The SAQA Professional Body Forum (South African Qualifications Authority)
  • NTSF (National Tourism Stakeholders Forum)


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