Christopher Palos- Freelance Professional Hunter

I not only love hunting itself, but also the history and traditions of our hunting heritage. I have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with many of the ‘African Hunting Legends’ such as Harry Selby, Fred Everett, Fred Bartlett, Ken Stewart and others. I believe that I have developed a well informed and broad understanding of the sensitive issues and threats that face the wildlife sector. I have confidence in entertaining a wide range of interesting conversations with colleagues and clients alike- hopefully enhancing the client’s experience!

  • Limpopo hunting permit
  • PHASA & BASA member
  • Diploma Cum laude in Game Ranch Management (currently pursuing my Advanced Diploma)
  • Left-handed rifles available (.22 rimfire, .270 Win & .458 Lott)
  • Detailed CV with references available

Social media & contact details

  • Facebook: Christopher Palos
  • Instagram: @christopher.palos
  • Twitter: @CD_Palos
  • Email:
  • Cell no: 072 724 2867