I am Pieter Bezuidenhout 30 years old Professional Hunter with a Limpopo Permit.

I have 16 years of hunting experience and became a Professional Hunter in February of 2021. I have experience hunting with local hunters’ rifle hunting plains game.
I am a full PHASA member and member of the National Hunting and Shooting Associations as a dedicated hunter and sport shooter.
I have my own hunting vehicle Nissan Navara double cab with a hunting frame and my own rifle.
I see myself as a hard worker, dedicated, loyal and very professional.

I will go the extra mile for all clients, to assist them in achieving their hunting goals.

I really enjoy working with clients/visitors from all cultural backgrounds. This includes local and international clients. I wish to compliment a clients’ visit to our beautiful country and try my very best to make their trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I am looking for and would appreciate freelance hunting opportunities for 2021/2022.
Please feel free to contact me on:
Pieter: 076 422 6459 or pieter67bez@gmail.com