As a Professional Hunter, Hunting Outfitter or business owner in the wildlife industry, you want to grow continuously. Growing yourself, your team and your business will be achieved by joining the PHASA family!

PHASA offers a huge variety of benefits that can help your business. Within PHASA you will expand your network with like-minded professionals and individuals within the wildlife related industry.

Being established in 1978, younger and even older PH’s can connect with a mentor or you can even become a mentor for others.

PHASA ensures that common industry issues are voiced, which includes laws, regulations and policies that prevents your business from growing to its full potential.

PHASA constantly lobby the government on behalf of our industry (and therefore the businesses within the industry) to ensure that your interests are protected.

Thus joining PHASA you become a voice and an active advocate for our hunting industry and fight for what’s best for your business and your clients.

With laws and goalposts constantly changing, PHASA membership keeps your finger on the pulse of industry trends!

You will also find new opportunities and open doors to new business-related services and discounts that you may not find elsewhere.

Joining PHASA can help you gain a competitive advantage in your market!

For more detailed information and advantages of PHASA membership visit our website or call any PHASA exco members to talk with you.

PHASA is the most active association called upon by government in the fight to protect the rights of hunters! There are membership categories to fit everyone’s needs. See for more detail.

Join PHASA today and be part of the leading professional hunting association in the world.
PHASA… Responsible hunting for sustainable life and livelihoods!
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