Andre Viviers, Professional Hunter

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Professional Hunter Licensed: Limpopo and North West with no restrictions I’m 32 years old, responsible and mature. 12 years hunting experience dangerous game firearms .223/.30-06/.375 H&H/.500 Ne double Own hunting rig double cab land cruiser Experience in hunting Zambia Experience with clients from USA and Europe Experience marketing in USA Hunting concessions in Zambia and South Africa PHASA member Contact: Andre Viviers Cell: +2763 1623 555


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1. INTRODUCTION OF FIREARMS CONTROL AMENDMENT BILL. 1.1. The Firearms Amendment Bill (“The Draft Bill”), which was circulated on 22 May 2021, will have a severe impact on firearm owners in general, but professional hunters in particular. 1.2. Please note that every person may submit comments to within 45 days from publication thereof. 1.3. I foresee that PHASA will also submit a detailed objection on behalf of all its members. 2. LIMITATION ON AMOUNT OF FIREARMS. 2.1. The Draft Bill provides for an amendment to Section 16A of the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) to the following effects; [...]

SUCo-SA – Securing the Future of Biodiversity and Humankind

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The founding members of the Sustainable Use Coalition Southern Africa (SUCo-SA) are immensely proud to introduce to the world a whole new organisation, embracing a whole new approach to an insidious threat. Modernistic tendencies compounded by ignorance and misinformation combine to completely misconstrue what Conservation through Sustainable Utilisation really means. While the plastic curse so devastating to our oceans is starting to be recognised, society does not realise that the plastic existence of wealthy, urbanised society who have been disconnected from the rural and wild world is even more pervasive and potentially devastating. The unfortunate trend, which began slowly with the [...]

2021 PHASA Convention & AGM – Save the date!

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PHASA CONVENTION & AGM 2021 At a meeting on the 19th May 2021 the Executive Committee decided to keep the format for the 2021 PHASA Convention & AGM the same as last year.  This came about as a result of the hunting industry not fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic yet. The 2021 PHASA Convention & AGM in Hartenbos has been postponed and reserved for our 2022 Convention & AGM.  Hartenbos ATKV has agreed to keep the deposits for accommodation already paid and to roll it over to next year.  We urge you to check on this and confirm with the [...]

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