Dear Sir

Article by Elize Tempelhoff – Beeld – My Wêreld, 17 Sept 2020 “Creecy sê ja vir trofeejag”

Disappointment is an understatement after reading the widely shared article in the Beeld – My Wêreld
section, on 17 Sept by Elize Tempelhoff titled “Creecy sê ja vir trofeejag”. In particular, we are disappointed following an earlier set of correspondence with your Deon van Dyk in June of this year, where we’d questioned the editorial position of Beeld regarding the hunting and wildlife sector, also catalysed by articles you published by Elize Tempelhoff. In this exchange you took great pains to say that you and Beeld are not anti-hunting, and that the article that concerned us was but an isolated event. Of course, we realise that news must be covered, but knowing our existing concerns around Tempelhoff’s biased reporting and in particular knowing that the hunting, wildlife and outdoor/farming sector are a very specific and large portion of your publication readership’s heritage, passion and professions, one would at least of expected a responsible editor to alert the journalist to the fact that she had not sought a single opinion from “the other side” of the topic being covered.

Read full letter here: Open Letter to Beeld Editor Creecy se ja vir trofeejag Sept 2020