~Courtesy of NHSA

1. The State Attorney has informed SA Hunters that the Minister of Police wants to have the interim order in the 2009 SA Hunters court case, set aside.

2. The 2009 interim court order in the SA Hunters court case ordered that all green licences would remain valid until the main court case had been heard.  The main court case has over the past 11 years not been heard.  That is the reason why the State Attorney has by order of the Minister of Police written the letter to SA Hunters on this matter.

3. SA Hunters have not yet indicated how they will react to the Minister’s request; be that by merely indicating that they will not oppose it, or that SA Hunters will oppose the matter in court.

4. Be that as it may, please take serious note that the warning and advice we gave members on 21 August 2020 in Newsletter Vol. 16(47), has now become reality.

5. The letter of the State Attorney, irrespective of how SA Hunters choose to react to the Minister’s request, means that people who have only green licences for firearms in their possession, should as quickly as they can:

(a) make sure they do the correct proficiency training related to the types of firearms they own at a training provider who is accredited with PFTC otherwise your training certificates will not be accepted by SAPS (please try and do this proficiency training within the next three weeks to give yourself enough time to receive competency so that you can apply for a new white licence before the court sets aside the 2009 interim order); Read full article here>>>