5 March 2020
Professional Hunters Association of South Africa notes the unfortunate and ill-considered comments of the Minister of Police in stating that citizens of South Africa should not be armed.

Any member of cabinet must realise that when they make public utterances they are considered to be government policy and will be scrutinised by the persons that are affected by such statements. It follows that any minister should think carefully and be in possession of all relevant facts before making statements that impact negatively on a large part of the population. When making such statements, the minister must consider that his own house is not in order: the police are corrupt and ineffective and that they themselves are part of the crime problem in South Africa. One of the biggest single reasons why South Africa has an economy in recession, has a population fearful of crime and foreign disinvestment, is because of his ineffectiveness.

Professional Hunters Association of South Africa notes that the minister did not answer questions about his armed bodyguards: he will never be affected by crime because he uses precious police resources to protect him and fellow members of cabinet from the crime reality that is South Africa.

The minister should understand that the game ranching, professional hunting and hunting industry provide hundreds of thousands of jobs in South Africa and are a cornerstone of rural communities. Professional hunting attracts foreign visitors every year who spend far more per capita than non-hunting tourists. The security industry which Cele tried to disarm by way of the promulgation of regulations by stealth in the private security legislation, provides more protection then the ineffective South African Police Services. This industry employs in excess of five hundred thousand security officers whose employment is contingent upon security companies owning firearms.

If Mr Cele wants to continue to destroy the economy, investor confidence in South Africa and confidence by his own citizens in him and his government, he need only carry on with his public utterances and his disarmament agenda.

Enquiries: Martin Hood