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PH available with over 30 years experience!

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Mick Kleb PHASA registered Professional Hunter (PH) with over 30 years experience conducting Safaris & Professional Hunting Services for international & local hunting outfitters & their valued clients. This time frame transcends African game hunting in South Africa including SADC countries. Personal attributes include client relationship building, entente cordial & a pleasant demeanour. A PH who is passionate about hunting, with the emphasis on a fair chase, coupled with an inherent ability to interact proactively with stakeholders governing sustainable hunting in Southern Africa. We anticipate a long lasting working relationship with all hunting outfitters\contractors & their clients based on trust, commitment [...]


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RESPONSIBLE HUNTING TOURISM As the largest association of professional hunters in the world, PHASA takes pride in the ongoing positive contribution by our members to wildlife management, conservation and hunting tourism industries in South Africa. PHASA fully supports responsible, ethical hunting as one of the most important tools for sustainable wildlife management and understands the importance of hunting to our biodiversity and rural economies. PHASA continues to engage with government on professional hunting related issues and is an active participant of the National Tourism Stakeholders Forum and the Tourism Business Council of South Africa. However, it is unfortunate that we have [...]

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