Section 16A – Application of firearm licences for professional hunting purposes:

  • In terms of Section 16A of the principal Firearms Control Act, a Professional Hunter in possession of a valid Professional Hunters’ Licence/Permit issued by Nature Conservation, can apply for all, or some, of his/her firearm licences to be used by the professional hunter for his or her private use and professional hunting purposes, where it is safe to use the firearm and for a lawful purpose. This is NOT ONLY applicable to where the person owns more than four firearms, but does give the person the opportunity to apply for firearm licences for more than four firearms.
  • PHASA realises the importance of our members having the necessary “tools of trade”.  PHASA members can therefore apply for “Professional Hunter Status” in terms of the Firearms Control Act from PHASA at no cost at all. 
    The application form is available from the PHASA office and must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s current Professional Hunter’s Licence/Permit issued by a Nature Conservation Authority and a copy of the ID.
  • Once a member has been awarded “Professional Hunter Status” from PHASA, the individual will be able to motivate his/her application for a firearm licence to be used for professional hunting purposes. Page 2 of the SAPS-271 form, (Application for licence to possess a firearm”) allows for Section 16A, whereby an applicant can apply for a licence to possess a firearm for professional hunting.
  • The Act defines a professional hunter as any person who supervises, escorts, offers to, or agrees to supervise or escort a client, for reward in connection with the hunting of a wild or exotic animal and who is authorised to do so in terms of any applicable provincial law.
  • Applications for firearm licences for business purposes, in other words the handing or renting out of firearms, still need to be done under Section 20 of the Act.
  • A person in possession of a firearm licence issues in terms of Section 16A, may only allow another person to use his/her firearm, under his/her direct supervision.

For further information on licencing and endorsements under Sect 16A or Sect  20 (Business in hunting), please contact Tersia Du Plooy: or 012 667 2048.