Botswana’s Elephants

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THE TRUE GREEN ALLIANCE (TGA) Reg Numbers: NPC (2016/537572/08) PBO 930060314  INTRODUCTION The True Green Alliance is a non-government, public-benefit and non-profit South African organisation that promotes caring for the earth and sustainable living practices throughout the societies and governments of southern Africa.  It supports the sustainable use of living resources, and fosters correct social and official government attitudes towards wildlife management. VISION  To create a southern African (ultimately global) society that is properly informed about the principles and practices of wildlife management; that understands the wisdom of, and necessity for, the practice of sustainable utilisation of living resources (both wild [...]

Excusive deal for PHASA members!

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DID YOU SEE THE ANNOUNCEMENT? SCI Houston _First for Hunters ... GLOBAL! was recently named SCI's Chapter of the Year for the second year in a row! Support from our many members as well as donors like PHASA-member outfitters made it possible. As a way of saying thanks we have a special membership offer for PHASA members. You can now add SCI Houston Chapter membership to your existing SCI membership at no cost to you. Just email your SCI and PHASA membership numbers, name and contact information to and we'll take care of the rest! Not an SCI Member? No [...]

Firearm Licencing – Sect 16A

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Section 16A – Application of firearm licences for professional hunting purposes: In terms of Section 16A of the principal Firearms Control Act, a Professional Hunter in possession of a valid Professional Hunters’ Licence/Permit issued by Nature Conservation, can apply for all, or some, of his/her firearm licences to be used by the professional hunter for his or her private use and professional hunting purposes, where it is safe to use the firearm and for a lawful purpose. This is NOT ONLY applicable to where the person owns more than four firearms, but does give the person the opportunity to apply for firearm [...]

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