The PHASA Conservation and Empowerment fund decided to host an online auction, to raise funds and open a new marketing channel for its members.

This will be approached as an RSA and member marketing initiative, thus it has the potential to become an annual opportunity where both The Fund, PHASA and the Outfitter has an advantage in this effort. The Fund and PHASA receives a monetary benefit, as well as the opportunity to have the brand recognized. The Outfitter or Safari Company has a new marketing channel available to them.

Rules and specifications for hunts donated

  1. Completed and signed form to be submitted before 15 September 2018.
  2. The following must accompany the donation form:
    1. outfitters permit;
    2. 5 photographs (Max 500kb please) of accommodation mentioned in donation;
    3. 5 trophy photographs (Max 500kb please) of animals that might be included or hunted in the donation and;
    4. the brand of donating company.
  3. All photos and completed forms to be e-mailed to
  4. Only plains game donations will be accepted for the first auction, the following game must be excluded: sable, roan, hippo, crocodile, Big 5 etc.
  5. Minimum requirements:
    1. $1000 credit per hunter towards trophy fees; or
    2. 2 animals per hunter minimum value of $1000 per hunter;
    3. 2 persons included.
  6. Only one donation per outfitter will be accepted for the first auction. If there are outfitters who wish to make more than one donation, the surplus donations will be used for future auctions or applications.
  7. Maximum of 50 donations per auction.
  8. Donating outfitter must be a paid up PHASA outfitter member.
  9. Minimum bid accepted would be 10% of hunt value.
  10. Auction will take place at the end of October 2018.
  11. More info available on Donation form. 

Marketing of donations

All sponsorships will be marketed in conjunction with the Outfitter or Safari companies’ names and promoted in association with The Fund and PHASA, ensuring maximum market exposure for the specific donation. Donations are to be industry related and country specific, as well as aimed at promoting South Africa as a global destination. The Fund will consider and accept donations that are within the borders of South Africa.

As an example, for an offer title line or branding.

“PHASA member ‘XXX Safaris’ – 5-day plains game hunt in South Africa”

In the graphic content of each of these listings, the Fund and PHASA brand will be visible as well as the brand of the Outfitter. The donor’s brand will receive proper exposure and The Fund will be less culpable, should something go wrong.

All donations should be accompanied by numerous pictures of accommodation available, as well as trophy animals. A hyperlink to the Outfitter’s or Safari Companies’ website, is also required, allowing potential bidders the opportunity to make an informed decision.

NB! Every PHASA member must please advertise this Auction through their own database and social media platforms. 

Auction House

An agreement was signed with Live Auction Group based in Canada, which specializes in online auctions. They have a database of approximately 732,000 bidders.  The bidders are mainly from North America (Canada, Mexico, United States of America) and Europe.

Contact the PHASA office for the donation form: