To all Hunters & Tourists visiting South Africa

//To all Hunters & Tourists visiting South Africa

The Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) would like to assure fellow hunters and tourist wishing to visit our beautiful country, that despite speculated news reports and political rants South Africa remains a safe destination for all whom visit it.

PHASA representatives were present at the Biodiversity Economy Innovation Conference, during which time the President Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa gave his key note address to all those present. The President has made it abundantly clearly that Land Expropriation in South Africa will not be a free for all and that a strategic process will be followed.

The President encouraged entrepreneurial development and a need to work together with the private sector, as the private sector plays a key role in developing the Biodiversity Economy. He emphasized that South Africa has become the place where wildlife teams in abundance and we must exploit this success through game farming, hunting, hospitality, tourism and the supply of game meat by expanding this potential to others as a growth industry. With the aim to increase business and land ownership by previously disadvantaged individuals, thus boasting benefits for all.

The President reassured the audience that the government will continue to focus on the Biodiversity Economy, as outlined in the Constitution of our country and that they recognise as well as celebrate the diversity of our people. South Africa is the third most Biodiverse country in the world and that we must protect and preserve it for future generations.

PHASA will continue to play a key role in finding meaningful and amicable solutions that not only benefits wildlife but the socio-economic development of our rural people. South Africa remains one of the best destinations of choice for international tourists and as an Association we would like to assure the general public that South Africa remains a safe and preferred destination for hunters.

PHASA would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the international community for their concern and continued support of our industry and great country.

For any further information individuals or Associations are welcome to contact the president, our PHASA office or any member of EXCO.

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